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Discover the impressive track record of Crossy’s Crane Hire through our recent projects in Cairns. From high-rise construction to infrastructure development, our expert team and state-of-the-art cranes have successfully tackled a wide range of challenging lifting tasks. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and client satisfaction, we have consistently delivered exceptional results, earning a reputation as a trusted partner for lifting solutions. Explore our portfolio of recent projects and experience the difference of working with Crossy’s Crane Hire for your next venture.


Crane Hire

Experience seamless lifting solutions with Crossy's Crane Hire: Your trusted partner for elevated construction projects in Cairns.


Efficient and dependable transport solutions tailored to your needs, brought to you by Crossy's Crane Hire in Cairns.

Crane Trucks

Efficiency meets versatility with Crossy's Crane Trucks: Your all-in-one solution for seamless transport and lifting tasks in Cairns.

Dry Hire

Unlock flexibility and cost savings with Crossy's Crane Hire: Your reliable source for dry crane hire solutions in Cairns.