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Unlock cost-effective and flexible lifting solutions in Cairns with Crossy’s Crane Hire’s dry hire cranes. Our extensive fleet of high-quality cranes is available for rental, empowering you to manage your lifting operations on your terms. With our dry hire service, you have the freedom to operate the crane yourself while benefiting from our reliable equipment. Whether it’s a small residential project or a large-scale industrial undertaking, Crossy’s Crane Hire offers a range of dry hire options to suit your specific needs. Experience the convenience and control of dry hiring a crane from Cairns’ trusted experts. Contact us now to explore our dry-hire crane options and elevate your project efficiency.


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Experience seamless lifting solutions with Crossy's Crane Hire: Your trusted partner for elevated construction projects in Cairns.


Efficient and dependable transport solutions tailored to your needs, brought to you by Crossy's Crane Hire in Cairns.

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Efficiency meets versatility with Crossy's Crane Trucks: Your all-in-one solution for seamless transport and lifting tasks in Cairns.

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Unlock flexibility and cost savings with Crossy's Crane Hire: Your reliable source for dry crane hire solutions in Cairns.